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Sidewalk logo for Galya baluvana convenience store

Bright and dynamic projection for the #galyabaluvana chain of stores in Kharkiv.
Projection on the sidewalk by moving the image underfoot really grabs people's attention.
Advertising and navigation that brings results!
#galyabaluvana - thank you for your trust! We wish you success in business and good health to all employees!

🔶Project cost:
- Projector YTP 50W - 7500 UAH.
- One-color gobo slide - 650 UAH.
- Installation - 2000 UAH.
✅Total: 10150 UAH

- does not require permissions
- works 24/7/365

🌍 Project Light Ukraine is an individual approach and an exclusive solution.

⚜️Advertising ⚜️Navigation ⚜️Decor

🔺Large selection of Gobo projectors from 15W to 700W.
🔺 Making slides with the desired image.
🔺 Image design development - free!
🔺Installation of equipment or sending by Nova Poshta
🔺Official registration (contract, invoice, cash / non-cash)
🔺 Equipment Warranty!

🟢 If you have any questions or are ready to discuss the order - call or write!
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